Bendy The Clock Man

Your new favorite littleoffice helper Product Information Sometimes you just need a little help around the office, and your newfavorite helper is bound to be Bendy The Clock Man. This littlebendable clock is shaped just like a man, and features a small digitalclock face so you can easily keep time while at the office. The clockeven includes a handy alarm feature. But, Bendy doesn’t just tell time.His large feet make him strong enough to hold even hefty brass pens,and the plastic clip on the back of his head is ideal for holding memosor a picture of loved ones. Bendy runs on cell batteries, which areincluded. Product Features Makes the perfect little office helper Face includes a digital clock with alarm setting so you caneasily keep track of time Arms and legs are bendable so you can position him to sit,stand, or make him hold your favorite pen Back of his head includes a small clip so you can attachmemos or photos for safe keeping Includes Clock Instructions Specifications Color: Orange/Silver Power Source: Cell batteries(included) Dimensions: 4.25″ x 2.4″ x 1.5″ (H x Wx D, Approx) Note: Batteries are included, but not guaranteed.